– #3 – Dan Deacon w/ a slew of openers. Height With Friends, Chester E. Gwazda, and Alan Resnick… 11/15 – Union Transfer – R5. Artist for this poster is the wonderful Bonnie Brenda Scott of space 1026 affiliation.
check out some of her other work here —> BONNIE
This poster was printed up by the Awesome Dudes,’cause Bonnie is away at school… It features a sick 4 color split-fountain blue-orange burst, perfect for eye searing visuals.

next up: #4 – Om / Daniel Higgs
11/23 – Johnny Brendas – R5
Artist: Neil Burke of Men’s Recovery Project fame.
check out his site — NEIL

“The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.”Kurt Vonnegut

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