JUNE 13, 2Ø13

– PPG #16 – Hawk Krall‘s Black Flag Poster… As Hawk says himself, “I pretty much went to art school in the hopes of one day doing a Black Flag poster…”
And even though, its 20, 30, 40 + years later… This show will be sure to shred with many an Olde Head slaking their thirst with cheap, tasty brews.
Saunter on down to the Union Transfer and get a mouthful of some dude’s armpit hair, wash it down with some beers and take home a sick limited edition, signed and numbered Hawk Krall original! check in to more of Hawk’s insano art HERE.
“Most good things happen with time; especially music, which needs time to breathe
and to find its own way.”
– Greg Ginn

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