APRIL 24, 2Ø13

Brian Langan, also known as LANGOR… is a philly head known far and wide for hilarity, musicianship, radical show posters, and art alike. LANGOR is the site where you can check into all his work, and Sweatheart where you can check into some wicked jams. #8Music Tapes is the band for the poster this time around. You may remember Music Tapes frontman Julian Koster from such bands as – Neutral Milk Hotel, and the former Chocolate U.S.A. Come on out to the 1st Unitarian Church for one of (2) shows for the “traveling imaginary” tour, take home a poster, enjoy time and again.
*** This show & poster is especially rare because of the postponed status, and is sure to be a collector’s item… notice the sweet “date change print” which magically propels this poster from it’s original date —————–> into the future !
Special thanks to Thom Lessner for printing this jam, and the corrected date!
“Tis an ill wind that blows no minds”Malaclypse the Younger

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