– PPG #9 – Jason Killinger’s slasher print for Pissed Jeans. This wild JK poster is for Pissed Jeans Record Release of “Honeys” out on Sub-Pop 2/12/13. This Poster, and this Record slay repeatedly…
Grab a ticket soon, this show is sure to sell-out. Definitely this poster too. Jason’s art is always crushing expectations,

 look into some of his other work here at JK Design.
And then, Check over at Spacin’ site,
and Birds of Maya for some of Jason’s powerful music as well.

– Desaparecidos (Shawn Hileman)
– Mouse On Mars (Mark Price)
– Chelsea Light Moving (Keith Greiman)
– Purling Hiss
– Kurt Vile
and more…

“Nobody understands me, I’m really sensitive.”Iggy Pop

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