February 24, 2016

mary_3PPG #31          Becky Suss‘s (4) color process print.  A closeup of her cover painting on the new Mary Lattimore record – “At The Dam” on Ghostly International.  We are very thrilled to have Becky & Mary make this print happen.  If you aren’t familiar with Becky’s work, check into it HERE.  She creates wild, huge, enormous paintings with dimensional illusion & impressive detail.  Mary is well known world wide as the got to Harpist for any occasion.  She plays as a duo with local engineer Jeff Ziegler, & accompanies many a musician live & recorded, including some recent contributions to a Kurt Vile / Steve Gunn collabo split slab of wax.  Do grasp copies of all her work HERE.
“I think quotes are very dangerous things.” – Kate Bush

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