#6 – JP Flexner’s “Hold Steady” poster. This rad print has some unique features, including
– metallic blue ink, a powerful train, and terrific lettering. JP is another member of the Masthead Studios collective. Check out some
of JP’s other great work, with precision half-tones and the like at JP Flexner Creative.

And, we are excited to announce a bunch of
posters coming up this spring.
Big, Medium, Small…
We got some great
philadelphia bands ready for amazing PPG prints. Including, but not limited to:
Kurt Vile, Pissed Jeans,
Blues Control,
and so forth…

next up:
#7 – Music Tapes
Brian Langan (Langor)
2/04/2013 – 1st Unitarian – R5
#8 – Pissed Jeans
Jason Killinger (Jason Killinger Ill.)
2/12/2013 – underground arts – phonographic arts
#? – Mouse on Mars
Mark Price
(zine of the month/1026)
3/04/13 – JB’s – R5

“Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more.” – William Cooper

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