August 15, 2Ø13

PPG #17 –
Steve ESPO Powers
… Local Philadelphia people taking it to City Hall for a free outdoor event of some stature. There will be (100) free posters available first come.
– We know there was a Kurt Vile print just the other month, but this opportunity presented itself, and with Steve Powers as part of the Guild, we agreed and henceforth, another !
– This show is organized by the Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy… made possible by the Knight Arts Challenge, and the William Penn Foundation.
– We would like to thank Matador Records and Rennie Jaffe for making this poster possible. Check into more of Steve Powers work HERE.
And… maybe some people at this event will be so inclined as to let the mayor know, that we know.. and HE knows, that Governor Corbett is a rascal who is set on destroying the planet and throwing the school district under a short bus.
don’t do it Mayor Nutter.

NEXT UP: #18 – NO Age – Andrew Jeffrey Wright

“Philadelphians are a gritty, tough people who will help you when you’re down.”Mayor Nutter

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