MAY 13, 2014

-PPG #25 — Jim Vail, also known as – FNU Clone, slayed this wild Watery Love poster much to their liking…This particular print is great for many reasons, least of which is the known fact that this is PPG #25, a good solid number to take us into a summer hiatus. Furthermore, this is the record release for Locals beyond Local band
Watery Love‘s “Decorative Feeding” LP on the stalwart label – In The Red Records…and some re-released 7″‘s on another Philadelphia Local Locale Richie Records//Testostertunes.   At the top of that list of reasons is Jim Vail, Jim is one of the most formidable Collage-ers in the lower 48,  as well as a wicked painter, illustrator, and musician… responsible for the Philly by way of San Francisco – FNU Ronnies.   Shimmy down to PhilaMOCA and grip one of these badboys for cheap! We got 1, maybe 2 of these savage Blacklight prints available, 1st come, 1st served.   Stick around before-hand and enjoy Montanans – Mordecai, & Philly-heads – Igneous Eyes.
“Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate. The future is in your hands.” - Milton William Cooper

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April 17, 2014

– PPG #24 – Philadelphia artist Loren Kole does it up for Perfect Pussy.  This band kicks serious ass, a fury of unrelenting energy will flow into the basement of the 1st Uni. on April 25th.  Do not miss out on this show, or this shredding poster.  Check into more of Loren’s print work, as well as some great etchings, wheat pastes, and the like at the above link.  We’d Like to thank Grace Ambrose (Lady Fest) for hooking us up with some more women artists for this project.  

NEXT UP: Jim Vail — Watery Love – record release show.

“People who shop in health food stores never look healthy.”Amy Sedaris

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March 12, 2014

- PPG #23 – We tried a few times to get a poster done for this radical Philadelphia band… and you know us, we are local, and we like to support our local bands.   After a few setbacks, and the clock running out of time, our grunt worker Rodger Binyone struck a thought, and then a sketch which turned into this poster.  All funds received from this print will go to the PPG coffers to help support future projects and prints. drop over to Union Transfer, grip a copy of The War On Drugs new LP, and take home a (4) color, 18″ x 24″ screenprint.
“Nobody understands me, I’m really sensitive.” - Iggy Pop

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January 28, 2014

PPG #22 – Eric Kenney & Pissed Jeans.  Another wild and fantastic poster for the Philly legends, but hey… was 1 enuff? And, another member of the Awesome Dudes.   Eric Kenney is a man on the scene, rising to meet the demand of a hungry public.  He publishes his own classic zine –  
“Dog Days”, and has a show forthcoming at
Space 1026 in March. Check into more of his work at the corresponding links above and over there to the right. *Be sure to take a look at the crisp, wicked tiger on the closeup shot of this weightlifting “man”.

“By now all rock bands are wise enough to be suspicious of music industry scum.”
- Steve Albini


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January 20, 2014

- PPG #21 – Kerry Kenney – Shape Denter.  Not much is known about this band… apparently they’ve been around since 1997. We were only able to find one recording, a wild demo.
There is an amazing review by Rich Kroneiss of Terminal Boredom in which he admits to this particular Demo as “breaking his spirit.” As for Kerry Kenney, you might know his work better by the name D’noit Airbrush. Shimmy on down to the Spirit Dump, where drinks are always 1/2 off, and grip a stack of SD 5 color screenprints, or purchase right here online.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.” - Stephen Hawking

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December 15, 2Ø13

PPG #21 —– Shape Denter – artist: Kerry Kenney — 1/20 – Spirit Dump
PPG #22 —– Pissed Jeans —- artist: Erik Kenney —— 2/08 – Union Transfer
PPG #23 —– War On Drugs – artist: TBA —————– 3/18 – Union Transfer

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October 29, 2Ø13

- PPG #20 – Box Brown’s – Built to Spill.   You may recognize Box Brown’s
work from his wild and prolific comic imprint –  
Retrofit Comics.  
According to Box, this print
is inspired by the BTS song “Randy Described Eternity.” Come on down to Union Transfer and grip up on this sick (4) color screenprint, printed by the amazing
Eric Kenney over at Awesome Dudes Printing. check into more of Box’s work (including a wicked Marc Maron print!) at the link above.

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”Carl Sagan

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October 21st, 2Ø13

PPG #19 – Tim Gough’s Animal Collective (2) night stint at Union Transfer, Philadelphia. Tim’s wild stylings are felt extensively on this print. His use of
transparent inks, overlapp-
ing hues, and distinct shapes & patterns on this Griffin stand fast. Check into more of his work HERE.
This month marks one year since PPG realization. we’ll be gearing up to take it easy over the winter, but we will be bringing it Strong this fall. stay tuned for PPG #20 – Box Brown’s – Built to Spill print, and perhaps a few more before Winter’s icy grip is upon us.
“It will not always be summer; build barns.” - Hesiod

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September 5, 2Ø13

PPG #18 – Andrew Jeffrey Wright.   Androgynous workout to NO Age at PhilaMOCA. Come on down and tear into this print, if you have a ticket…
It’s Sold Out I believe.
But fear not, these will be made available at the show, online, and in A.K.A. soon enough.
If you are not familiar with AJW’s art & comedy stylings, check into them HERE.
NEXT: Tim Gough – Animal Collective

“In peace, sons bury their fathers.  In war, fathers bury their sons.” - Herodotus

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August 15, 2Ø13

- PPG #17 –
Steve ESPO Powers
… Local Philadelphia people taking it to City Hall for a free outdoor event of some stature. There will be (100) free posters available first come.
- We know there was a Kurt Vile print just the other month, but this opportunity presented itself, and with Steve Powers as part of the Guild, we agreed and henceforth, another !
- This show is organized by the Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy… made possible by the Knight Arts Challenge, and the William Penn Foundation.
- We would like to thank Matador Records and Rennie Jaffe for making this poster possible. Check into more of Steve Powers work HERE.
And… maybe some people at this event will be so inclined as to let the mayor know, that we know.. and HE knows, that Governor Corbett is a rascal who is set on destroying the planet and throwing the school district under a short bus.
don’t do it Mayor Nutter.

NEXT UP: #18 – NO Age – Andrew Jeffrey Wright

“Philadelphians are a gritty, tough people who will help you when you’re down.”Mayor Nutter

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